VFS Precious Minerals SARL has expertise in exporting Rough Diamonds (uncut) from Sierra Leone to various parts of the world. We export rough diamonds with Kimberly process certificate.

We provide very attractive discounts on Rough diamonds. Each diamond stone has different prices as the price of the diamond is determined by the quality of the diamond.

The quality of a rough diamond is determined by the following factors:

The most important factor that determines the value of a diamond is its color. There is a specific color scale ranging from D to Z that is grouped into 4 categories. Colorless diamonds have greater values when compared to the yellow ones.

The second major factor that determines the quality of a Diamond is the clarity. Because Diamonds are formed deep within the earth, under extreme heat and pressure, they often contain unique birthmarks, either internal (inclusions) or external (blemishes).

Diamond clarity refers to the absence of these inclusions and blemishes. Diamonds without these birthmarks are rare, and rarity affects a diamond’s value.

Diamonds are assigned a clarity grade that ranges from Flawless(FL) to diamonds with obvious Inclusions (I 3 ).

The Rough Diamonds are classified as per the shape to determine the shape of the cut and polished diamond. It comes in several shapes such as crystal, dodecahedron, octahedron, cube, trigon, macle, rhombododecahedron and tetrahexahedron.

Carats are the size of the diamonds, which is actually the unit of weight. A carat is exactly equivalent to 0.2 grams and the price of a diamond stone is determined by its carat as well.